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I'm Vijay Venkatasubramani. I'm passionate about culture, religion, software design, and cloud architecture. I believe that there is an approach in everything in life that helps us to achieve what we want the most. I also strongly feel that there is a difference between
something that is beautiful
something I think that is beautiful
and the life is always the latter case!

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Designing cloud solutions with AWS and Google Cloud involves architecting scalable, reliable, and cost-effective systems using the technologies offered by these leading cloud providers. It often requires balancing the specific strengths of AWS and Google Cloud to design the optimal solution for a given project.


Lingam Religion is all about practicality.
Scientific progress and Spiritual progress are not different.
Humans are independent thinkers and live with equal authority.
Everything changes and nothing changes are two contradicting realities.

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Website building

Cloud As a side hustle, I provide web and application development services, focusing on creating custom, scalable solutions for clients. My expertise spans across designing user-friendly websites and developing applications that meet specific business needs, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


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